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Now that you have access to your data, just how are you going to use it? Remember, data is only as good as the application, so you need a high-quality application to really make use of the data available from your corporate or web-based server.

At Computer Logix, we employ the use of Microsoft® design tools to create applications that help your mobile employees work productively while away from the office. We use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET for desktop and web-based applications, eMbedded Visual Tools for Pocket PC applications, SQL Server 2000 for corporate databases and SQL Server CE for mobile access to those SQL servers.  Together, these design enviroments provide the most cost effective way to create applications that really let you use the data available from corporate servers.

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Mobile Lead Retrieval System
Mobile Ordering System
Web-Based/Mobile Ordering System
Web-Based Shopping Carts
Web-Based Sales Tools
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